Dial Ràdio Català

This is our first app for the N9 and Meego world. We are cooking it too for Symbian Belle, Nokia Belle and Windows Phone 7.1.

The app is very strait forward. Lots of times, as a catalan, I’d use my phone to just listen to radio stations I am used to or download podcasts of well known catalan radio broadcast emissions.

Yet it is hard when you have to use RSS, or navigate to the exact radio station. If you want to use Radio Broadcasting programs, they normally are huge lists of thousands of radio stations. That is why we added up a selection of major radio stations in catalan and podcasts in catalan to produce a consistent one click easy way to access those. Easy and elegant.

The program has a price. Little, but some may think too much. Here is where we say: It is ok. You don’t have to buy our little program. It is only a well exposed list of broadcasts and RSS you may find going directly to the radio stations websites.

Now, if you buy it and want to change some station or add up a podcast, just send us an email and we will try to do our best to solve it.